January 30, 2020

Wonderfully Wooden: Beautifully warm home has traditional and rustic styling


Through the tall green trees and the wooden surroundings, this amazing three storey house sits in totally harmony with nature. With its wooden structure and strong European influence, this property executed by Teton Heritage Builders, has an enormous glowing stance that can be seen from miles away. The exterior has been expertly crafted with wooden panelling, stone walls and bronze railings which add a luxurious look and feel to the whole building. Inside, the interior looks immaculate with an elegant, yet traditional style and oozes opulence and sheer class. The staircase is one of the main features of this house, as its winding structure creates organic lines and depth, whilst the fantastic light fixture adds a bit of sparkle and warmth to the staircase. This is a truly spectacular space, and would be the perfect house for anyone.

wonderfully warm and rustic
wonderfully warm and rustic
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