January 30, 2020

Classically American: Amazing house has typical American styling with rich colours and beautiful materials


When you walk up to this house you are immediately drawn to its classic American style, with its large columned front door, stone walls and high peaked roofs. The house is located near a beautiful river and was developed by an America company John Kraemer & Sons, a well known elite developer, and is located in Edina, Minnesota, USA. When you enter into the house, it is astonishing how spacious and airy the whole place is, as every room has enough space to allow it to feel comfortable and open. Each room has been decorated with a very typical American style, rich colours, expensive materials, grand columns and large open windows that allow so much light to pour in. The furniture used in this house is very classical, with opulent drapery and rich wooden pieces. Photos of Landmark Photography and VHT.

american style home
american style home
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