February 4, 2020
Classically Romantic: Gorgeously whimsical house is a stunning representation of opulent design

As you walk up to this house, it is easy to see why we have featured this on our website. With its grand styling with Victorian design is oozes luxury and finesse, which is only made more apparent with the surrounding gardens and vegetation. Located on the edge of the waterfront, this house has a […]

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February 3, 2020
A Taste of Morocco: Stunning house in California has Moroccan themed construction and interior design

With first class style and Hollywood like construction, this luxury home is located in Palm Desert, California, USA and was painstakingly designed and built by Gordon Stein Design. The exterior of the house has a very intriguing Moroccan style that is evident from the framed windows and elaborate roof rims. The stone that has been used […]

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January 30, 2020
Classically American: Amazing house has typical American styling with rich colours and beautiful materials

When you walk up to this house you are immediately drawn to its classic American style, with its large columned front door, stone walls and high peaked roofs. The house is located near a beautiful river and was developed by an America company John Kraemer & Sons, a well known elite developer, and is located in […]

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January 27, 2020
Strikingly Steep: Striking house is located on the gradient of a steep hill in California

On the side of a steep mountain is one of the last places you would expect to find a home construction. Yet, Californian firm Jones Partners Architecture have defied gravity by building a one-storey house in Los Angeles, California, USA on a very treacherous looking hillside. Surrounded by vegetation and a steep view, this modern house has […]

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January 14, 2020
Spacious Modern Manhattan Loft Apartment with Wood Columns

This Manhattan apartment explodes with luxuries, embellishments, accents and over the top details. Behind a modern fireplace is an exposed brick wall, partially covered in white paint. Maroon colored, armless dining room chairs are cozily tucked away under a small, square table. Wide window frames, ceiling beams and a black, baby grand piano reflect elegance […]

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