Captivating Classic: Stunning home has classic styling with added sophistication

With a classically styled exterior, this house oozes sophistication, elegance and opulence and also has wonderful grounds and gardens. It is one of eight projects located on the same street, completed and designed by David Small Designs. The house has 5 bedrooms and seven bathrooms, giving it enough space for a large family and guests. The exterior has stunning grey stone brick walls with beautiful rounded arches that give the house a luxurious look. Inside, the interior is impeccable, with pristine furniture and a traditional style throughout. The white walls contrast beautifully with the rich wooden flooring, and the high ceilings give the open-plan areas added depth and space. Overall this is a truly striking property, with real style and amazing presence. Photos by Jason Hartog.

Size: 600 sq.m.
Location: Ontario, Canada
Photos by Jason Hartog Photography

September 15, 2020
Terrence Conran

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September 11, 2020
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September 11, 2020
Mark Zeff Design

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