Becoming a photographer was the obvious choice for me. In what other profession do you get to be creative, meet all kinds of awesome people and get paid to play with cool gadgets. Ok I’m sure there are other cool creative professions, but ever since I printed my first 8×10 in the high school dark room and watched the image appear like magic on the page, I was hooked. There is nothing better than the feel of the leather wrapped camera in my hand, the blinding pop of a commercial flash head and the sound of a mirror clunking back into place as the film advances to another blank canvas. The rhythmic almost ritualistic process of developing the film, dodging and burning the perfect exposure onto the paper, the smell of developer as you rock that paper gently back and forth in the tray all add to the excitement as the rewards of all your hard word slowly appear on the paper right before your eyes. To me, photography is really is the perfect blend of technology, chemistry and creativity, that in the hands of a true craftsmen has produced some of the most stunning works of art known to man. Photography really touches all aspects of our lives, the priceless family photo on the mantle, the iconic National Geographic pictures that transport us around the globe, the larger than life image of the perfect quarter pounder that lures you to the drive through. It’s truly one of the most influential mediums ever created.

We have come a long way since the days of 11×14 Deardorff’s and 1k Mole Richardson tungsten lights. Digital has pushed analog aside in a hostile take over no expected to happen so quickly. It’s an exciting time to be a photographer. The landscape has changed quickly and the technology has come so far that a lot of the tried and tested rules no longer apply to the modern photographer, opening up the floodgates and raising the creative possibilities to a whole new level. Only time can tell us how far it will go.I plan to enjoy the ride for as long as I can.

Address: 22 Drohan Dr., Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1G 5H6
Phone: 647-269-0466

traditional porch with columns
traditional porch with columns

Traditional porch with columns

See all photos in project: The House Next Door
Architect: David Small Designs
Photography: Jason Hartog Photography

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