Back in Time: 1920′s bungalow has been given a modern makeover

This very angular house is a modern addition to the bungalows that were built in the 1920′s in central Austin, Texas, United States. The house is surrounded by 150-year-old oak trees that tower and twist over the small house beneath them. It has a total area of around 100 square meters and was developed by American company Murray Legge Architecture. The old bungalow that has been built upon was half the size of this newer renovation, yet it still retains some of its 1920′s charm. The exterior has been cladded with wooden panels and the first floor of the house has of floor-to-ceiling windows that allow maximum light to enter in. The interior is modern, yet still has a warming and inviting feel about it, with soft wooden flooring and white wash walls.

Project: David Carroll, Julie Williams, LZT Architects
Engineers: TK Consulting Engineers
Contractor: Moontower Design Build
Photos by: Patrick Wong Photography

February 14, 2024
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February 13, 2024
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