This contemporary building created by Mick Rule of Craig Sheiles Homes, is a perfect constructed modern house that has wonderfully light exterior walls, large ceiling to floor windows, a sheltered balcony and an incredible contained pool located at the rear of the house. It consists of a series of simple and overlapping rectangular volumes that create a very unusually contemporary building and is located in Perth, Australia. The interior is very simple with its white walls, light grey stone floors and rich wood finishing, while the dark panelled wall on the edge of the stairs is a real feature. Simple fabric and leather furnishings help to finish this stylishly designed interior and help to keep it modern and contemporary.

Working with a very open and indulgent space, the designers of the company Geometrix Design have developed a bold modern apartment in the city of Moscow with lots of interesting features. In this apartment you can see some very unique and interesting design choices from the creators, such as the very futuristic appearance that seems to ooze out of every room. The living room makes the most of the space by creating a angular and gloss effect TV workstation that allows for everything to be hidden away if necessary. The arm chairs are also very reminiscent of the sci-fi theme with the focus being clearly linked to shows such as Star Trek! The bedroom also has some very unusual features such as the patterned wall and back-lit images.

With a slatted exterior and a tall cubist form, this house is simple, modern and very functional. The house has a scattering of small and large windows that allow just enough light in to brighten up every room and help to give the interior and bright and airy feel. The house also benefits from a ground floor garage and a garden which has some beautiful flowering plants and vegetation. The house is located in the historic district of Cleveland, Ohio, USA and was created and designed by Bucchieri Architects. The interior mimics the exterior of the house with clean lines and minimal embellishment. The furniture is very angular in appearance which corresponds wonderfully well with the exterior shape of the structure.

This very unusually shaped house is located in a prestigious area with absolutely stunning views of the mountains. The exterior of the house has been designed with sandy coloured tones which helps it to blend into its desert environment more easily, whilst the organic smooth walls mimic the surrounding sand dunes. The very design of this building creates a private area for the owners, which is home to a secret oasis within the grounds. The interior of the house is magnificent, with mixtures of modern and eclectic styling and colourful furniture added to break up the neutral tones. The house is not short of character either with many colourful lights being added to help give a more interesting look and feel. Project of Deep River Partners.

This fantastically bright building is a modern extension to an existing house that was originally built in the 1930′s. Developed by the American company, OKB Architecture, this contemporary addition has an unusual design with its bright green panels, and a lovely little roof-top terrace that can be accessed via the stairs to the side of the building. Inside, the interior feels surprisingly big and has plenty of room for lots of people. It has been designed with modern styling in mind and has neutral wooden flooring and white walls in every room to maximise the feeling of openness and space. The addition of spotlights in the main living area help to keep the room from feeling cluttered and small and also help to brighten up even the smallest corners of the room. Photos by Tamara Leigh Photography.

This stunning three storey house is located in San Francisco, California, USA and was designed by a local architectural company called Upscale Construction. The house is sat on a plot far above the level of the city which gives the house a tremendous panoramic view of the hustle and bustle of life in San Francisco. The exterior has gorgeous black facades, with white trimmed whites and a protruding roof. When we enter the property the living space is warm with neutral café latte coloured walls and a rich wooden flooring , not forgetting the luxurious furnishings and textiles. One of the great aspects of this house is that it is modern without a lack of colour, each room has personality with blue or yellow walls and the decor follows suit. The best aspect of this house has to be the view of the city, it is truly magnificent.

With only an hour’s drive from Boston, USA, this beautifully compact house looks picturesque against the backdrops of nature. It was completely renovated by design and architectural firm Labhaus and has gained a modern and minimalistic style. The house blends harmoniously into the surrounding woodland thanks to its relatively inoffensive size, yet the modern nature of the house seems to contrast amazingly well with nature. The interior is warm and inviting and really oozes modernistic and contemporary styling. The flooring and surrounding wooden furniture help to give the interior a warm and soft feel, which is a wonderful contrast from the white and bold exterior. With gorgeous styling and a relaxing setting, this house truly is a piece of art.

Although this house is relatively small, it has huge personality and character that can be seen from its exterior and spacious looking interior. Located on a typical plot in East Dallas, Texas, USA and developed by A GRUPPO Architects in collaboration with TKTR Architects, this house fuses with the environment with its use of natural materials and eco-friendly conscience. The attractive exterior blends beautifully with the green vegetation surrounding the entire building and helps to lift its unusual structure. Inside, the interior is very contemporary with minimal clutter and simple, yet elegant furniture. The large windows allow so much light to pour in from every angle, while the wooden framing reflects a warming glow into the whole space. Photos Craig Kuhner Architectural Photography.

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