January 30, 2020

Riverside Rural Retreat: This house on the edge of a river with rural styling has fantastic views of the river below


Surrounded by dense forest, this very unusual house is reminiscent of a fairy tale with its bridge like structure and camouflaged appearance. The design was completed by Platt Architecture and it is located in the North of Carolina, USA. With an abundance of wood and stone facades, the exterior of the house has a very rustic and rural look, which gives the overall plot a cottage like charm. Inside, there is a large open living space with a central fireplace that provides warmth and light to the whole room. The windows span 360 degrees around the room which gives the inhabitants a fantastic view of the river below, as well as letting in tonnes of natural light. The interior is classic with a comfortable and textured style.

rural bridge ghouse retreat
rural bridge ghouse retreat
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