February 4, 2020

Deceitfully Small: Thin house looks small on the outside, but has a huge spacious interior


From the outside, this unusually geometric house looks compact and rather small but the exterior is deceitful. This modern house has been built on a very thin plot with limited space making it appear to be rather flat and tiny in structure. The house consists of two floors, which extend far back into the plot of land and create a rather surprising amount of space. When you enter into the house, it is actually quite astonishing as to how spacious and open it feels with the decor really helping to lift the space and give it some well needed depth. The interior is modern and contemporary with neutral and grey colour palettes that all have a very warming and uplifting hue to their composition, helping to bring colour and light to the rooms. Project by Thirdstone and photos by Merle Prosofsky.

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