February 4, 2020

Classic and Modern Mixture: House with a mixture of styles looks elegant and very stylish


Surrounded by dense woodland, this classically style house looks elegant and quaint encased around tall trees and gorgeous shrubbery. Located in the town of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, this development was built by David Small Design in 2012 and covers a total floor area of 350 square meters. The exterior of the house has a rather lovely mixture of grey and warm coloured stones and dark painted wooden sections to help give some contrast to look of the structure. The windows mimic the style of a house from the same era and the tall pointed roofs also add to this classic style. Inside, the house has a more modern style with dark wooden, flooring white walls and minimalistic looking furniture. Photos by Jason Hartog Photography.

stylish home with modern elements
stylish home with modern elements
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