Cityscape in the Sky: Beautiful reconstruction has stunning views of the ocean and the city

Located behind the ancient grove, one of the best areas of the city, is this striking architectural project. It is a large-scale reconstruction of an existing house and was completed by the Californian company Charlie Barnett Associates. One of the best features of this house is the terrace located on the the roof of the building as it has an utterly breath-taking view of the ocean and the city. The exterior has been created using small slate tiles which gives it a textured look and feel, while the black framed windows give it some rich contrast. Inside, the interior is faultless and has perfect modern styling with striking rich colour palettes throughout.

Interior design: John Wheatman
Landscape design: Jay Thayer
Contractor: Forde Mazzola
Photography: Matthew Millman Photography.

July 4, 2023
Purging for a big move

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March 29, 2023
Different Types of Render And Their Maintenance Requirements

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March 29, 2023
How Do You Clean uPVC Before Painting?

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