February 4, 2020

The Shimmering Sea: A beautiful view from a modern and comfortable house


This family house designed by StudioWJ Architects is located in South Africa and boasts modern styling and design. The two storey house consists of a living area, three bedrooms on the second floor, two bedrooms of the ground floor and a double garage. This south facing house has large glass sliding doors that open out on the north side to a fantastic view of the ocean. The exterior looks warm and very inviting with its golden spot lights and neutral coloured stone and wooden facades. Blue shimmers reflect off the pool and give a gorgeous contrast to the warming lights on the house. Inside, the interior is very modern, with cosy furnishings all of a similar neutral colour palette. Full length glass windows in the dining room are the highlight of this house, as you can have an evening meal whilst looking out at the stillness of the ocean.

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