January 30, 2020

Sharp with a Soft Centre: Modern home has an edgy exterior, but soft and flowing interior design elements


Created with four simple geometric shapes, this house is a fantastic example of good modern design. The house is located on the highest point of a hill, two hours away from New York City, USA. The four equal-sized boxes were built as simple designs and dressed in corrugated galvanized steel to help keep the modernistic look alive. With such a strict and simple exterior, the interior is slightly more interesting. Although it is still modern in style and design, a softer approach has been taken to give the interior a warm and inviting atmosphere. Neutral colours have been used in order to soften the sharp edges of the exterior framework. This holiday house is located in the village of Ancrum, NY, USA, and was designed for a young couple by HFF Architects.

modern design sharp edges with chic inteiror
modern design sharp edges with chic inteiror
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