Nested within Nature :Woodland home sits beautifully into its surroundings

Perched on top of a stone foundation, and situated amongst a woodland landscape, this large open plan house is perfectly suited to its surroundings. The open and permeable design of this house is the result of the collaboration of ideas between the client and the architects in order to create an house that is connected to nature as much as it is connected to design and sustainability. The house has been carefully designed for a young family looking for a natural re-treat and is located near the shore of a lake in Apple Vail, Minnesota, USA. To give the owners privacy, the house has been split into two sections, one a private section and the other public, for friends and family to get together. Project by ALTUS Architecture + Design, photos by Paul Crosby.

Tim A. Alt, AIA
Chad Healy, Assoc. AIA
Roger Cummelin

October 19, 2020
Top Reasons To Rent A Self-Storage Facility in Brighton

Table Of Contents1 Financial Incapacity2 Decluttering3 Retirement4 Divorce5 Selling The House6 Renovating7 Moving to Brighton8 Business Storage The Self Storage Association UK recently published that the number of storage facilities in the UK is steadily increasing. The self storage industry has experienced a considerable boost. Just in 2019, the SSA UK estimates that the industry […]

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October 19, 2020
Doing Without A Removals Company: DIY Tips On Moving Luxury Furniture Items

Table Of Contents1 A Removals Company: The Alternative Choice2 Things You Must Remember When Moving Luxury Furniture Items Yourself2.1 Plan Everything Out Carefully2.2 Get Quality Packing Materials 2.3 Make Sure You Are Using The Appropriate Moving Van Size 2.4 Update The Appraised Value of Your Belongings and Purchase Transit or Moving Insurance 2.5 Clean Your Luxury Furniture Thoroughly […]

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September 15, 2020
Terrence Conran

Table Of Contents1 Terrence conran aurora bed2 Terence conran vintage books3 Terence conran books4 Terence conran design5 Content by terence conran6 Terrence conran Furniture7 Habitat uk7.1 Terence conran history8 Terrence conran net worth Today, we are remembering a visionary british designer, sir terence conran. He was one to introduce certain aspects of mid century modern […]

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