January 14, 2020

Luxury Los Angeles Penthouse Apartment Interior

Slanted windows, potted plats and classic furniture with modern accents adorn this L.A. penthouse. A highly textured area rug, full mirror, classic nightstand and deep purple colored comforter fill the master bedroom with life and color. Geometric patterns can be found emerging from the rug as well as a black and clear modern sculpture on the nightstand. A tall window slants downward, as filtered sunlight creeps in the room. An ultra modern library houses funky bookshelves, a small executive desk and two plastic, geometrically interesting chairs. All of the furnishings are black, shiny and slightly foreboding. Two similarly shaped bar stools sit in the kitchen, beneath a marble island countertop. Orange leather chairs add zest to the monotone living, while living plants breath life into the other rooms.

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