Contemporary House Near Lake Michigan

Contemporary House Near Lake Michigan

24 December, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

The suburbs of Chicago have been home to some of the most modern, architecturally advanced and expensive homes in the United States. Created by an architect named Joseph Trojanowski, this house is situated in an extremely exclusive neighborhood. Its bright orange door gives off an inviting appealing. The white, metal and gray stone façade is juxtaposed behind a row of neatly manicured bushes that sit next to a metal gate. Coolly enchanting, elegant and tasteful, relaxation and peacefulness resounds within. Both an outdoor and an indoor dining area have been situated near one another. They have also been designed similarly, with wooden tables and dark colored chairs. Slate gray kitchen cabinets are combined with white and black in the kitchen to create a monotone theme.

modern house design

contemporary house of bricks

modern exterior

exterior details

terrace under the peak

high ceilings and large windows in the living room

open-plan living room

dining room with access to the terrace

kitchen in the style of minimalism

minimalist kitchen with island

window from floor to ceiling in the bedroom

home furnishings

stairs of steel and wood


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