February 3, 2020

Wonderful Warehouse: Office space that was originally a warehouse has been transformed into a modern and contemporary place


This contemporary office interior is a perfect example of modernism using raw materials. Huntsman Architectural Group designed this interior for a corporate office in San Francisco for company, Tolleson. Before this magnificent re-vamp, it was a timber warehouse with little design and limited features. The designers at Huntsman Architectural decided to utilise some of the original beams and wooden features and add metal structures to give it a more modern look and feel. The result of this renovation is staggering, with gorgeous glass partitions, metal framework and raw wooden walls and structures, the office feels warm and cosy, as well as contemporary and rustic. The decor really helps to give this place character, while the paintings and art on the walls create dynamism and individuality. Artists Rex Ray and Barry McGee.

wonderful contemporary office space with womb chairs
wonderful contemporary office space with womb chairs
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