February 4, 2020

Vibrant & Sassy in Silicon Valley: Stunning, modern home with bags of style, has open-plan rooms and an amazing garden


This stunning modern residence in Silicon Valley, California, USA has contemporary style and a strong landscape. The exterior of the house has been built using a combination of white façades and rich wooden panelling, which gives it a very contemporary look. The overhanging and overlapping volumes also add to its sleek charm. The gardens are absolutely magnificent, with tall green trees and lush green grass surrounding the house and giving it a very natural vibe. Inside, the interior is to die for, with large open-plan living spaces, high ceilings, abundant natural materials and a strong visual connection with the beautiful gardens outside. The house has recently been developed by Californian based company Swatt | Miers Architects who wanted to create something special for a young couple with two small children. Photos by Tim Griffith.

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