March 11, 2020
Just White Tiled Bathrooms

What it is about white bathroom tiling that is so quintessential. White tiles in the bathroom looks so clean that it can also become clinical if you are not careful. For new concepts on white tiled bathrooms can consist of, review our selection of photos. White tiled bathrooms appear both sans color as well as […]

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February 4, 2020
Swedish Styling Meets Modern: Beautiful apartment that has modern and rustic touches

This is a beautiful example of a contemporary featured apartment located in Gotenborge, Sweden on the top floor of a classic apartment building. It has a total size of 82 square metres and has rich wooden features , a rounded brick feature wall and a terrace just off from the kitchen. The layout of this […]

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January 23, 2020
Troika of Time: Three houses exhibit tales of the past and future

With three identically constructed houses, it is clear to see from the pictures which one has been given a new lease of life. On the left we have a very clean and modern looking house with traditional Brazilian features, followed by two identically structured houses that look worn down and rustic. The design team at Tiago […]

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