January 30, 2020
The Canadian Countryside: Beautiful family home has stunning views of the countryside and modern interior styling

With an inviting entrance and family-friendly grounds this house looks warm, cosy and very approachable. Designed for a single family, this house is located in Ontario, Canada and has a lovely stone exterior with small wooden inserts that help to break up the patterns of the stone bricks. The windows are large and also square […]

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January 21, 2020
Overlapping the Modern Construction: Contemporary house created using stacked volumes to create a geometric heaven

This contemporary building created by Mick Rule of Craig Sheiles Homes, is a perfect constructed modern house that has wonderfully light exterior walls, large ceiling to floor windows, a sheltered balcony and an incredible contained pool located at the rear of the house. It consists of a series of simple and overlapping rectangular volumes that create […]

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