March 5, 2020
Teeter on the Hillside: Small house has bundles of character and visual interest

This cute little house, that seems to float over the edge of a hillside is both gorgeous in style and construction and has been well planned and organised. In order to meet the budgetary goals of the client, the American company Balance Associates Architects have developed an effective plan and produced a stunning house using a cost-effective […]

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January 27, 2020
Hidden by Hillside: On-storey modern house is hidden by a tall hillside, to give the owners privacy and intimacy

Grounded in a patch of land underneath an enormous hillside scattered with tall green trees, this one story modern house allows the owners and their friends and family relax in a truly open and natural environment. The house was designed by CAST architecture and primarily serves as meeting place which accommodates two couples and their children. The exterior […]

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January 14, 2020
Tree Lined Suburban Home with Black Interior

Tree Lined Suburban Home with Black Interior The accent color of choice in this home designed by Skylab Architecture. The black door, painted black, opens to a dominating black support column and eat-in kitchen. The center kitchen island is made of gray granite, and holds the cooking range and sink. The cabinets are flat black and […]

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