January 27, 2020
Halcyon Hillside: Tranquil home has stunning views to relax and de-stress the mind

Nestled amongst tall green trees and surrounding hillsides, this large modern residence has been recently developed by the American company b+g design and is located in a forest on the the side of a hill. The exterior of the house has been built using black and grey concrete, for a modern and sophisticated look, and has had […]

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January 23, 2020
Modern in Santa Monica: Beautiful modern house in Santa Monica has contemporary interior with the addition of quirky art pieces

This very stylish and very modern mansion in Santa Monica, California, USA was created by Steven Kent Architect. The exterior have been created with white facades, huge windows and a balcony that sits within in depth of the construction. The down pointing spotlights are also a great feature on this house as they help to illuminate […]

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January 16, 2020
Desirable in the Desert: Desert home has wonderful eclectic styling, inside and out

This very unusually shaped house is located in a prestigious area with absolutely stunning views of the mountains. The exterior of the house has been designed with sandy coloured tones which helps it to blend into its desert environment more easily, whilst the organic smooth walls mimic the surrounding sand dunes. The very design of this […]

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January 14, 2020
Spacious Modern Manhattan Loft Apartment with Wood Columns

This Manhattan apartment explodes with luxuries, embellishments, accents and over the top details. Behind a modern fireplace is an exposed brick wall, partially covered in white paint. Maroon colored, armless dining room chairs are cozily tucked away under a small, square table. Wide window frames, ceiling beams and a black, baby grand piano reflect elegance […]

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