January 16, 2020

Small Apartment with a Big Heart: Modern apartment echoes space and light with quirky undertones


This wonderfully modern and contemporary apartment was designed for warmth, comfort and functionality by the design team at ZE|WORKROOM Studio in Moscow. Although this apartment is only 100 square meters, it has an abundance of light and space with its large windows and white walls. The designers have created a space which has warmth, comfort and best of all functionality. Having such a large space in which to work from, the designers have created a fantastic open plan living area, which makes the apartment feel larger than it really is. The decor is minimalistic with its wooden flooring contrasting beautifully with the white walls, the wooden panelled ceilings and the simplistic furniture that helps carry off the whole design. There are a few very quirky elements added to this design to give it character, such as the wavy tiles in the bathroom and the graffiti tiled toilet room with a striking red undertone.

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