February 4, 2020

Modern Greek Home with Gravity Defying Angles


Oblong and peculiar, this home made from wood and stone displays some of the most unusual shapes and angles ever seen. Vaulted ceilings, columns and glass railings dot the interior, which is dressed in chic neutral colors. The stairs are made of glass, which are held in place with metal bolts and beams. Accents in white gives the stairs a crisp, clean feel. Rich walnut colored wood appears on the doors. In the living room, a small refrigerator is lined up with a flat screen television set mounted to the wall. On the right side of the TV, a small cutout in the wall acts as a doggy door. Imaginative and refreshing, the inside of the home get only small doses of natural light, but the home remains open. Designed by Potiropoulos D+L Architects.

walnut wood outer gravity defying angles
walnut wood outer gravity defying angles
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