January 14, 2020

Manhattan from a Height: Condo in the middle of Manhattan has stunning views and a white, clean interior


With absolutely stunning views of the surrounding Manhattan cityscape, this very clean and modern home is the epitome of purity. Nestled in the city of New York, USA, this white condo has some beautiful large windows that allow the cityscape to come perfectly into view. Then main living area has a gorgeously rich wooden flooring that has been buffered to give it a subtle sheen. It goes contrasts beautifully with the white walls and helps to give the condo depth and dynamism. Slight injections of colour can be seen from the artwork and items within the bookcase to help add some life into the white rooms. The kitchen is just as pure and clean as the main living area, with beautiful white cabinets and marble work surfaces. Project of Tara Benet Design.

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