January 30, 2020

Magnificent with the Mediterranean: Stunning home has a Mediterranean look and feel with an unrivalled opulence


This charming, luxury house has stunning design features and an unmatched personality. It has a total area of 650 square meters and was designed by the American based company, Cornerstone Architects. Due it its magnificent exterior and interior, the company have also received many prestigious awards for their relentless effort and skill in this project. The whole house has a slightly Mediterranean look and feel with sandstone walls and rich brown wooden features which helps it to feel warm and inviting. The shape of the windows and door frames also help to give it a very Spanish look and feel with lots of arched columns and panels. Inside, the interior is immaculate, with a strong sumptuous feel, and a opulence that is difficult to beat. Photos by Coles Hairstone Photography.

med home in sunset
med home in sunset
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