February 4, 2020

Interior Designers Join Forces to Create Ideal California Home


This California compound is the result of a team effort between Cipriani Studios Design and Toby Long Design. In the backyard, a wooden veranda is held up by two rectangular stone columns. Between the columns lies an outdoor grill with male countertops situated on either side. A few steps down the wooden staircase leads to grass, trees and tranquility. A wrap-around balcony with metal railings juts out of the top floor. High ceilings and hardwood floors help to continue the organic qualities seen outdoors. A large plant in the living room extends up towards the top floor. Warm, cream colored paint has been used on the walls, coordinating well with the wood grain window sills. Open, airy and warm; this tranquil California house shows all the hard work that these two design firms put into it.

interesting use of plants and height in room
interesting use of plants and height in room
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