February 4, 2020

From Art Deco to Modern: Modern house has touches of art deco styling and is indulgently elegant inside


This building, located in South Korea, is a two-storey house constructed in concrete and developed by Studio GAON in 2013. It is situated on a steep hillside and resembles a castle of the modern world, with a delicate art deco styling. The curved walls and arches, give this grey construction an elegant and 50’s style building, while the black edged windows help to bring it back into its current day. From the inside of the house you can see a beautiful view of a river from the large panelled windows on the rear walls or sit and gaze at the stars with the organically shaped balcony on the left side. The interior is immense. With huge ceilings and luxurious decoration, it is easy to see why the owners are happy with their abode.

art deco home
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