January 30, 2020

Cubist Creation: Cubist home is modern in style with masculine features and design


As you walk up to this magnificent home, the geometry and colour of the building stands tall and proud with masculine off-white and black facades. Luca Rutelli, of the Italian company, Atelier 35, designed this modern single-family home in 2012 and it is located in Parma, Italy. The exterior of the house is striking, with deep black features that bring out the depth within in the off-white facades. As you walk inside, the white wall and tall ceilings are something to look at in amazement, as they really open out the main living space that is located near the front of the house. The main living area is an absolute delight as the slatted blinds that allow light in whilst also giving the owners privacy in their home.

cubist modern home with modern features
cubist modern home with modern features
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