January 30, 2020

Classically Elegant: Traditionally style home has some wonderfully elegant features


With classical elegance and slight Avant Garde overtones, this house stands tall and proud with sheer beauty. With three amazing stories, this house is only walking distance from the Ocean and has some magnificent views of the surrounding Canadian landscape. The exterior oozes style and has some striking black framed windows and black painted archways, mixed together with neutral coloured stone façades. Once inside the house, you enter into the living area which has tall ceilings making it feel open and very spacious. The décor is simple, yet effective as the mixture of white and fresh tones helps to give it the feeling of being more open. There is a touch of classical and traditional elegance in this house which further adds to its charms.

classic elegant gothic retreat with wainscoting
classic elegant gothic retreat with wainscoting

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