Photography is capturing the moment, even though that moment may last one hundred years. Photography is the dew drop that mirrors the world. Photography is the easy smile on the school portrait reflecting a long lost innocence. Photography is the iconic image from the battlefield that long outlasts any reason for conflict. Photography is the end of day sunlight bouncing off stone and making it look like a sweet confection. Photography is a mirror to our world in all its beauty and ugliness. From the studio camera to the i-phone, photography helps define who we are. It is the medium for our never ending quest to validate the beauty that surrounds us. It is the mirror that looks both inward and outward.

For the past thirty five years Russell Abraham Photography has understood this. We have worked passionately to find, record and create the beauty of the built environment. We are constantly looking for the “why” in every image. Russell and his dedicated crew bring an uncanny passion and an unparalleled knowledge to each assignment. We love architecture and interiors. We love the people who create those places. We understand that, at the end of the day, a great photograph may be all that remains of one’s efforts. We work with some of the country’s great architects and interior designers putting their 3-D creations into a two dimensional form that can decorate a wall, win an award, illustrate a book or electronically shoot around the world on the world wide web.

Passion, joy, humor and hard work go into every image. We think of ourselves as partners and archivists in the creative process. Photography is not just a job. For us, it is a way of life.

Address: Jack London Square, 309 4th St. Suite #108 Oakland, California, United States, 94607
Phone: 510.444.5204

Colours and textures in the modern exterior
See all photos in project: Swatt Residence
Architect: Swatt | Miers Architects
Photography: Russell Abraham Photography
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