Mark Herboth is a North Carolina based assignment photographer specializing in commercial and residential architectural photography.

Educated and trained as an architect, Mark draws upon nearly a decade of architectural experience to help guide and inform his vision behind the lens.

As an architectural photographer, Mark’s goal is simple: the creation of visually compelling photographs that clearly articulate the ideas of his clients. With a strong sense of composition and attention to detail, Mark sets out to capture the defining aesthetic and conceptual qualities that best reinforce the narratives his clients wish to tell.

Though first exposed to photography in college, it wasn’t until Mark had started his architectural career that he discovered a lasting interest in photographing the built environment. After becoming involved with the photography of his firm’s work, he took an immediate interest in the medium and before long was shooting on his own. Mark Herboth Photography was started in 2005.

Since that time, Mark has been engaged by leading firms in the architecture, design and construction industries to create the photographs that represent their work. His images have been published nationally and internationally, and his work is used routinely by his clients in the successful pursuit of local, regional, and national design awards.

Address: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Phone: 919 389 2035

See all photos in project: “dha studio
Architect: Dan Huffman Architecture
Photography: “Mark Herboth Photography

double storey garage
double storey garage
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