The dha Studio is an addition to an architect’s residence. Originally conceived as a studio with workspace for the homeowners, it now serves as a 4 person design office. It still functions as a garage on the lower level and has a platform for sleeping under the stars, but the space was modified to fit the needs of a larger office. The studio can expand to have up to 5 workstations and 1 model station. A bridge, covered walkway and courtyard connect the existing house to the new addition. The building is clad in painted lap board siding to match the existing house. Overhead glass garage doors allow views through the 2 car garage.

The 575 SF studio is divided into 2 work zones by a central core that contains a restroom, file storage, display area, printers, drawing storage and a galley kitchen. 88 site-built Mahogany windows create a series of views to the heavily wooded site. Mahogany was selected for its durability in wet conditions and is used for all casework. The pine tongue and groove decking and roof framing at the ceiling are exposed. Skylights along the main ridge, in the restroom and above the stair light the space during the day.

Casework conceals servers and mechanical equipment. Work stations and a model making area float behind the glazing at the north wall. Much of the rough framing, the desk work surface installation, finish carpentry at the guardrails, wood base and Mahogany paneling were completed by the office staff.

Garage and studio breezeway

See all photos in project: “dha studio
Architect: Dan Huffman Architecture
Photography: “Mark Herboth Photography“

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