Bremen, Maine

The request from our client was for a modern, sustainable home, of wood, glass and stone that looked like it ‘belonged’ on its site. The final design is open, warm, well lit and uses many natural materials expressed in modern ways. The vegetated roof, planted with hardy alpine seedums, is designed to absorb one inch of storm water, and regulate the house’s temperature during the summer months.

The north tilt of the roof allows for expansive glazing on the south facade to balance the glazing present in the north and west facades, which face the pond. A wide overhang on the south facade and a brise-soleil protect the home from high angled summer sun while allowing in low-angled winter sun. The first floor radiant slab is polished concrete providing thermal mass. A 90-tube solar collector array provides all of the home’s domestic hot water needs and approximately 50% of the remaining space heating.

contemporary wooden home on pemaquid pond

Contemporary wooden home on Pemaquid Pond

See all photos in project: “House on Pemaquid Pond
Architect: Briburn
Photography: Trent Bell

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