February 3, 2020

Apartment in SOHO combines Minimalism, Industrialism and Modernism


Very few bold colors appear in this residential living space in Manhattan, but its design immediately makes you take notice. Raised ceilings have been combined with painted brick walls, featuring wide open spaces and extremely clean lines. In the dining room, space has been so neatly arranged that the area could be mistaken for a museum. Bright light enters from two long windows left bare. The bedroom displays a marked change of pace. The brick walls are painted a neutral gray, and the wood accents are a slightly darker hue than the rest of the home. The centerpiece of this SOHO apartment is the bathroom, where marbled tiles and whimsical designs take hold. Featuring a deep soaking tub and a glass lined shower, modernism, minimalism and industrialism blends together perfectly.

cool modern room with interesting art on the walls
cool modern room with interesting art on the walls
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