January 14, 2020

20 Mind Blowing Billiards Room Designs

Billiards rooms can be a hodgepodge of various styles, or they can represent one unique individual idea. This collection of 20 billiards rooms shows how far the gamut can run. Some of the billiards tables are ones that are easily recognizable while others have been custom built. An antique pool table made of rich cherry sits in a room lined in similar materials. Another billiards table constructed from shiny chrome sits on a thick, protruding base. Meant to stand out on its own, the rest of the room has been designed minimally. Purple felt sits atop of a different pool table. The entire room is based on sports, with autographed posters and sports jerseys plastered on the walls. When properly designed, billiards rooms can be real works of art.

Photos provided by: John Willis Custom Homes, Sater Design, Space Planning and Design, Inc, Mitchell Exclusive Billiard Designs, Norris Architecture, Elizabeth Dinkel Design, Butler Armsden Architects, Eklektik Interiors, Schippmann Design, Jeffrey King Interiors, Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech, Crimson Design Group, Vicente Burin Architects, John Kraemer & Sons, EJ interiors

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