Spirited Home in South Dakota

Spirited Home in South Dakota

2 November, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Presented by Knowles Blunck Architecture, all perceptions about wooden homes are immediately washed away with one look at this South Dakota home. An outdoor corridor flanked by tile floors and wood walls connects two separate living structures, making them one. A row of short windows lines the front of the living room, while a second row of taller window enables panoramic viewing of the great outdoors. The kitchen is partially open, its design mimicking that of the outdoor corridor. Pillars and columns made from wood and stone are set in the living room, dining space and other areas. In the breezeway, three tall glass vases are filled with even taller reeds. Sitting on a thick wood shelf, the only other embellishment in this room come sin the form of recessed ceiling lights.

exterior wood trim

comtemporary home

house exterior

wood and concrete in exterior

entrance to the house

concrete wall in an interior

large window in the house

modern open-plan living and wooden floors


kitchen interior

dining area with fireplace

bio fireplace

modern staircase

bathroom with a large window

bathroom with black walls

modern plumbing in the bathroom


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