Ruins Turn into a Rustic Italian Villa

Ruins Turn into a Rustic Italian Villa

8 November, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Built upon the relics of an old Italian home is the Casa Bramasole. Set in a valley of rolling plaints, perfectly manicured trees stand tall. Just beyond them sits this awe inspiring villa. It was constructed in the tradition of Italian country villas, complete with authentic simulated antique embellishments. White paint has been sponged over mildly textured stucco. Other walls are made from stone. The wood doors have a deep tone, giving them an aged quality. Dim lights comes form within a wall surrounded by stone walls. Aged wood ha been used to erect ceiling beams. An archway shaped with bricks leads into the kitchen. Modern appliances are scattered throughout this contemporary kitchen. It is one of the only examples of contemporary style in the entire property.

house of stone

classic exterior

beautiful scenery outside the house

The road to the house of the forest

swimming pool with stunning views

view of the lake from the house

vintage interior

small windows and stone walls in the interior


rustic kitchen interior

fireplace in the old kitchen

dining area

a large table in the interior of the old dining room

ceiling made ​​of wood

bedroom with a wall of stone

old room with fireplace

village nursery

antique furniture

bathroom with stone walls


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