Renovating, Deconstructing and Revealing the Unusual House

Renovating, Deconstructing and Revealing the Unusual House

10 October, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

This newly renovated seaside home comes courtesy of Altius Architecture. Although no before pictures are available, it’s safe to say that many positive changes concerning aesthetics, functionality and style have been realized. The home site’s shape is reminiscent of an amphitheater, with windows facing outward, mainly on one side. In some rooms, a subtly rounded wall can be traced. With a new layout in place, the once boxed shaped kitchen becomes open and airy. The kitchen island doubles as a breakfast bar, and a small dining area sits off to the side. A small hand sink appears smack dab in bedroom, adding a useful and unusual element to this seaside house. The hall is easily the most interesting space in the home, as follows a curve somewhat similar to a racetrack.

rounded house exterior

dining room with kitchen

modern kitchen design

kitchen with access to the terrace

interior of modern kitchen with white walls

breakfast nook

living room with floor-to-ceiling windows

three-way fireplace

bedroom with large windows

white bedroom interior

corridor with glass walls

glass shower

modern bathroom

white brick wall in an interior

modern sink with a mirror

column in the interior

bright living room with large windows and views of the sea

bedroom with sea view

bedroom with a beautiful view

modern bedroom

modern kitchen with dining area

modern kitchen design

drawing of site

house plan


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