Interesting Flat Gray Colored Modern House

Interesting Flat Gray Colored Modern House

4 November, 2013  |  Exterior, House Interior

Black accents in the form of window frames and shingles is the only other color to be found on this neutral gray home. Angles jut in and out, creating walls that project outward and recesses within the structure. A flight of concrete steps leads to a concrete base, which holds house itself. During the day, the sun shines in, leaving the house fully illuminated. But at night, things inside are a little different. A single tube shaped fluorescent bulb radiates pink light and heat. Candles on the dining room table create an eerie visual, with flickering lights dancing with the shadows. Drinking glasses and reflective surfaces shine more brightly in the dark setting. The vaulted ceilings, flat, smooth floors, and neutral color scheme are a complete with the flat, static and transformative exterior to perfection. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group.

gray exterior

gray house

modern gray house

house with garage


living room with a large window

minimalist interior

modern living room with a beautiful view from the window

painting on the wallе

living room lights

white kitchen

kitchen in the style of minimalism

purple interior lights

white walls in the interior


modern home office

kids room in minimalist style

retro objects in the interior


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