Top Reasons To Rent A Self-Storage Facility in Brighton

The Self Storage Association UK recently published that the number of storage facilities in the UK is steadily increasing. The self storage industry has experienced a considerable boost. Just in 2019, the SSA UK estimates that the industry racked up to £720 million in revenue.

As more and more residents pile to the city, it cannot be helped that space become a limited and valuable resource. Rental fees skyrocket because the demand is high. This leaves residents scrambling for cheaper rent. 

Downsizing, for instance, has become a constant reality not just in London, but to neighbouring cities as well such as Brighton. In this article, we will discuss the top reasons why you should rent a self storage facility in Brighton. 

 There are many reasons as to why people rent a storage facility. The need for space is a universal experience. The convenience that it brings can be quite convincing.

Financial Incapacity

Rental costs are rising. This phenomenon is not only exclusive to London anymore. Neighbouring cities like Brighton have experienced this as well. Many ex-Londoners have moved to Brighton as it is only an hour away from the capital. They would live in Brighton and travel to work every day. 

Unfortunately, this influx of residents has led to inflated rental fees. BBC News recently reported that for some people, almost 50% of their salary goes just for rent. Original residents of Brighton are forced to downsize to be able to afford the rent. Downsizing is the process of moving out of your current house and transferring to a smaller and cheaper place.

Finding storage units in Brighton has become common practice for residents. With a self storage unit, homeowners can keep all of their non-essentials without cluttering their homes. Additionally, this means they don’t have to spring for a bigger house.


Speaking of non-essentials, another common reason why Brighton residents rent self storage is so they can declutter their houses. A professional home organiser found in a survey that the average home houses over 300, 000 items. Only a small percentage of these items are needed in the day-to-day lives of their homeowners, the rest could be classified as clutter.

Seasonal clothes such as winter fur coats, unused furniture, and old books are just some of the aforementioned items that are best kept in a storage unit. By doing this, you do yourself a favour by giving yourself the gift of space.

Once you have finished decluttering, it’s time to give your house a makeover. Check out this stunning mix of styles to create a fun, lively, and happy atmosphere in your house



Experts recommend that seniors live in smaller houses and flats. This way, they won’t have to cover much distance to accomplish daily tasks. An apartment with smaller square footage would also require less maintenance, perfect for the elderly. All of the items that they don’t need but can’t throw away because it has value are shipped off to storage.


Divorce is a tricky business. No matter how clean the break is, the separation can still come with a high level of emotional and financial stress. The court usually suggests that a storage unit be used to house the items that are to be divided between the couple. With emotions running high, some people become irrational and take out their anger on their ex-husband’s prized Ferrari or trophy collection. As such, it is a general protocol to ensure that no harm falls on them while the settlements are in order. 

Selling The House

If you’re moving to a new place and selling your house, it’s important that you rent a storage facility. You can easily stage an open home with potential buyers when your house is empty of your possessions. After all, who would want to pay a premium price on a property that already looks “lived in.” When staging open houses, you want to offer a spacious and clean house, just waiting for the next owner to move in.


When you’re renovating your house, experts recommend that you let your contractors work in an empty house. This means that all of your items should be in a self storage facility instead of scattered about your home. Large furniture and appliances can easily get in the way and increase the time needed to complete the project. 

They are also in the way of danger, especially with heavy construction work in progress. Even a simple job like adding Brick Wall interiors can be made complicated with your items present. Do yourself, your things, and your contractors a favour and just ship them off to storage.

Moving to Brighton

If you’re moving to Brighton and you’re new to the area, it’s best to rent a storage facility for a few weeks. Let yourself get settled in first before you unpack your life. Just bring the essentials: clothes, shower supplies, some necessary kitchen equipment, and then send the rest to storage. This way, you get to go around Brighton first and feel comfortable with this coastal city before you start opening boxes.

Business Storage

Business is booming in Brighton. Regardless of industry, the incoming tourists and residents from all over the world have made Brighton’s economy as one of the fastest-growing in the country. If you’re a business owner in Brighton, one trick to reduce overhead costs is to ship all of the items you don’t need for daily operations to storage. 

This includes excess stock, inventory, unused office equipment, company files, and the like. When you keep them on-site, you clutter up your office space, which could lead to decreased productivity from your employees. Also, there are

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