February 5, 2020

The Exciting Interior Design of a House in Miami


Well lived in and often used, this sprightly home in Miami successfully uses a warm, monotone palette to highlight its space, structure and modern elegance. The home office has been arranged to focus on a white work table flanked by four white rolling office chairs. Light wood shelves hang high, lined in a bright, cheerful shade of yellow. A montage of cool, neutral grays, purples and blues are prominent in the master bedroom. Green plants, the tiny trace of dark hardwood floors and an open design help to shape the master bedroom as well as set it apart. A blue canopy is made in another bedroom by way of a textured wall and ceiling. More hints of green grow out of bathroom mirrors and shower walls, seemingly sprouting out of nowhere. Designed by DKOR Interior.

living room interior malibu style
living room interior malibu style
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