March 9, 2020
Dissolved into the Landscape: Hillside home is virtually invisible at certain angles

From a certain angle, this house is nearly invisible, completely dissolving into the green hillside and becoming part of nature. This modern house is approximately 140 square meters and was designed by AR + C in the beautiful Ecuador. The house was conceived as an extension of the natural landscape, with the owners wanting it to evolve into […]

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March 5, 2020
Modern meets Nature: Small modern building blends into its environment perfectly

This unusual house is located in the midst of woodland giving it a very safe and cosy feeling. This is a very important factor due to the openness of the house itself. With most of the walls being glass, it is very easy to see in and to see out, so the location has helped […]

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January 30, 2020
As White as Snow: Amazing minimalistic house has clean lines and an abundance of white features

This minimalistic piece of architecture has some wonderful elements that seem to captivate the imagination. From the front of the house it is clean to see the many volumes of the house, with balconies and terraces residing on the top floor and beautiful white geometric lines. The exterior of the house is a simple combination […]

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