March 5, 2020
At the Top of the Trees: Modern home sat amongst the trees has amazing views and impeccable style

This house has a total area of around 250 square meters and has a separate garage and office all located on the shore of the lake. It was developed by the American company David Vandervort Architects and is a brilliant example of modern day design styles and contemporary materials. Inside, there is a glass corridor that blurs […]

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January 14, 2020
Rough & Ready: Rugged apartment is textured in design with eclectic style

This charming, rather interesting loft apartment is a fantastic space created by Jayanti Lal and is located in Toronto, Canada. The living area is a wonderful space, with rustic and contemporary objects making it look eclectic in style and textured in design. The very rugged brick wall is such a beautiful feature as it adds […]

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