March 13, 2020
Warehouse Turned Shabby Chic Home

After the closing of the Brooklyn Naval yard, thousands of native New Yorkers and ambitious transients flocked to the lofts and warehouses that were left vacant. As a result, old mechanics shops and rustic workbenches were turned into art, and ultimately, a new trend in interior design. This apartment, which is snugly nestled in the […]

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January 21, 2020
Overlapping the Modern Construction: Contemporary house created using stacked volumes to create a geometric heaven

This contemporary building created by Mick Rule of Craig Sheiles Homes, is a perfect constructed modern house that has wonderfully light exterior walls, large ceiling to floor windows, a sheltered balcony and an incredible contained pool located at the rear of the house. It consists of a series of simple and overlapping rectangular volumes that create […]

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