March 12, 2020
What a Graceful Beauty : Elegant and classically styled home, with stunning views of water

At the front of the house we are greeted by a wonderful curved stone staircase that creates a beautiful setting for this magnificent house. It was developed by TEA2 Architects and is situated in Minneapolis, United States. With its classical styled columns and delicately coloured exterior this house is truly graceful in both form and structure and […]

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March 11, 2020
Outdoor Sanctuary Planning and Execution

Perhaps one of the most overlooked areas of home interior is actually the exterior. For some, constructing the perfect outdoor space is a labor of love. Others strictly prefer leaving it to the professionals. Within this collection of private yards, gardens and backyard spaces you will find design layouts that appeal to the eye and […]

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January 14, 2020
Character Breeds Individuality: Fantastic little house has masses of personality

Although this house is relatively small, it has huge personality and character that can be seen from its exterior and spacious looking interior. Located on a typical plot in East Dallas, Texas, USA and developed by A GRUPPO Architects in collaboration with TKTR Architects, this house fuses with the environment with its use of natural materials and […]

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