The design for this house for a family of six elegantly and comfortably blends a sense of old and new, even re-using brick from a family home that stood on the site previously. The neighborhood of single story brick ranch houses and new large stucco mansions provided a mixed context that allowed Kyle to introduce siding as an alternative material choice that creates an inviting and happy atmosphere. The new Artisan siding – which has the thicker profile associated with real wood siding – adds heft and weight to the building that Kyle complemented with a brick chimney and column elements, that use the salvaged brick from the previous house.The siding motif – applied vertically – continues to the bright and airy interiors, designed to accommodate the busy and changing lifestyle of a young family with four sons. Neutral tones of grey and white create a modern counterpoint to the more rustic textural qualities of wood and brick floors. The careful sequencing of interior spaces allows the house to flow easily rather than ramble. Generous windows and openings provide visual connection to the outdoors and into adjoining spaces, creating a sense of togetherness in while offering ample space.

white washed brick pillar walls
white washed brick pillar walls

White washed brick pillars and black tress for walkway

See all photos in project: Tupper Lake Residence
Architect: Dillon Kyle Architecture

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