silentSama Architectural Photography was founded in 2007 by Sama Jim Canzian.

He graduated at the Architecture University of Venice in Italy in 1998. The same year he moved to Vancouver in British Columbia where he worked for nine years as a designer in a few renowned Architectural firms.

He always had a deep passion for the still camera, starting at age 14 to learn the magic of light both on the field and in the dark room.

Studying architecture and photography in Venice, the magical-city influenced his way of perceiving the natural and built environments; learning to observe the misterious power of light, admiring the ever-changing texture of historical walls while grazed by the sunlight, or contemplating the impermanence of the silhouettes of Venetian palazzos reflected on the waterways.

He is still today captured by observing how people move in urban places and bring architecture to life. He currently offers his photographic service to local and abroad architectural and engineering firms.

Phone: +1.250.580.0472

dramatic home

Separate covered decks on sides

See all photos in project: Whistler Residence
Architect: BattersbyHowat Architects
Photography: silentSama Architectural Photography

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