We met with our (glowing) clients quite early in their pregnancy. They were thrilled to share that they were pregnant with not one…but TWO babies! So, a home office, located directly across from the Master Bedroom, needed to be converted into a nursery. The location within the home as well as the large windows were perfect – but the challenge was maximizing the use of the small space to accommodate two cribs, a dresser/change table, bookshelf, glider and ottoman. A thoughful Furniture Layout Plan was crucial as we needed to make sure the space wouldn’t feel cluttered and was easy to navigate (especially at 4:00am). Working under the design premise of a soft and classic, gender-neutral aesthetic we went to work. Dust-trapping wall-to-wall carpeting was ripped out and replaced with solid Maple hardwood. Charcoal-colored walls were repainted in airy creams and soft blues, separated with a new trim-moulding dry-brushed for an antique look. A classic yet whimsical tree-patterned wallpaper was applied to the window wall – paying homage to the mountain-side forests surrounding the home. Two hand-carved birch mobiles of branches and swallows appear to extend out of the trees to adorn the cribs.

traditional baby crib
traditional baby crib

See all photos in project: Nuturing Newborn Nursery
Designer: Sticks and Stones Design Group
Photography: Lipsett Photography Group

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