The poolhouse becomes a bridge, between a conservative neighborhood and a more modern aesthetic and approach to entertaining. There is a private side which is protected by masonry walls, housing the changing room and shower facilities, as well as the sleeping loft. The public side, however, is open to the landscape, enclosed with very light metal framed glass doors. More importantly, the entertaining is separated from the pool by ONLY a glass garage door, which is easily retracted to allow guests to step directly into the pool.

This is really a fun house, with a pivoting door creating cover for the outside bar, a drop down projection screen to allow video viewing from the pool and a fire pit and spa supporting the outdoor facilities.

Completed: 05.01.07
Size: 900 square feet
Anice Hoachlander, Hoachlander Davis Photography

See all photos in project: “McLean Pool House
Architect: Randall Mars Architects
Photography: Hoachlander Davis Photography

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